This is the official site for the photographs by Phillip Fuller.

These photographs have been assembled over the past 36 years and vary from simple artistic images to live preforming artist and many things in between.

The hardware used to take these pictures include the following devices:
Minolta X-700, Holga 120, Olympus E500/520, Polaroid Film Scanner, Canon 7D

In the galleries listed to the right you will find the following images.

"Creative #" - Various creative images

"Live #" - Live show images including but not limited to the following artists
Raw Deal, Sick Of It All, Throwing Muses, Dag Nasty, The Swans, Gorilla Biscuits, Underdog,
Swiz, Fire Party, Agnostic Front, Beyond, Instead

"Studio #" - Various model images from sessions at a local photography studio.

All photo’s are property of Phillip Fuller / Latent Image Studios

Please contact me for further information.

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